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Front arms XXXL Panda old - 9-12cm raised height

Front arms XXXL Panda old - 9-12cm raised height


Modified XXXL front arms for Panda first series

Arms designed for a raised supension system from 9 to 12 cm

Our arms are completely rebuilt, tempered, with the right incline for your suspension system.

Price per pair


We inform you that the product requires regular maintainance, at least every 10 months, in order to prevent any damage or bending caused by an off-road use. In the event of damage the product will be replaced at no charge, the warranty covers accidental damages.

The warranty does not cover any damage caused to the body of the car or any other part by the breakage, bending of the arms. We decline any responsibility for road use as the arms are designed for off-road or raid use only.

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